Rahvatantsurühm "Valla-alune" alustas oma tegevust 1989. aastal. Rühma on loonud ja seda juhendas Eevi Kiling kuni 2011.a sügiseni. Praeguses koosseisus on 30 tantsijat vanuse vahemikus 30 kuni 65 aastat . Meie repertuaaris on nii folkoorseid kui ka autoritantse. Esinenud oleme Eestimaa erinevates paikades, erinevatel tantsupäevadel ja kõikidel tantsupidudel alates 1990.a. Suviti oleme eesti rahvatantsu tutvustanud Viimsi Vabaõhumuuseumis ekskursioonigruppidele erinevatelt maadelt. Oleme osalenud festivalidel Portugalis, Rootsis, Soomes ja Kreekas.

The folk-dance group Valla-alune
was founded in 1989 and has since practiced in Viimsi, the neighboring parish of Estonian capital Tallinn.
Valla-alune is a dance group for adults with 30 members. We are nonprofessional dancers like most of the 15000 folk-dancers in Estonia – we practice in the evenings after work two times a week. Although we usually have a supporting live-band, we also perform with pre-recorded music. Our performing program includes Estonian folk-dances: both traditional and new choreography as well as special sets for the stage. We perform frequently in the Viimsi Open Air Museum in order to introduce Estonian folk-culture to foreign visitors. Often the audience will be included in our dances in these occasions. Our dance-group performs in all the large-scale folk-dance festivals in Estonia. We have also taken part of many folk-dance competitions. The success from these competitions has motivated us to introduce Estonian folk-culture abroad. We have performed in various festivals in Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Finland etc. From these trips we have received positive experiences for ourselves as well as compliments from our hosts. This has encouraged our dance-group to look into the future and take part from new festivals.