Folk dance group „Pääsuke“ – Tallinn, Estonia
PÄÄSUKE dance group is unit of dancing people, who likes folklore and Estonian national dances. Main purpose of PÄÄSUKE is developing and keeping in honour national creation of our previous generations, like all folklorists do. These old dances and plays are Estonian folklore's heritage, but we also used to dances of several foreign areas, where have been extended group member's routs.
Permanent female character dance group was created in 1979. Honour of the first group's organiser belongs to Mrs Jekaterina Lebedeva. She started with dance group at the very beginning. Kati, like we called her, loves Estonian dances very much. Later the Grand Old Lady brought to group new teacher Diana Otsing, with more dancers. We became friends quickly and also haven't forgotten our first teacher, who retired by age.
Starting from 1994 we continue as mixed group with this name PÄÄSUKE, what means national bird of Estonia. PÄÄSUKE group has danced many different folkloric plays. There were learned old dances like have been danced in north area of Estonia, named Kuusalu.
Our leader 18 years was Mrs Diana Otsing. Estonian groups like her authorial dances. Training lessons have brought the group on participation's, competitions, festivals. PÄÄSUKE group can work hard and relaxing on weekends, in summer dance-camps sometimes.
Starting from 2003 our teacher is Mrs Katrin Krause and starting from 2009 our second teacher is Mr Rauno Zubko. They both are young, active and creative. We are very pleased have them both.
Now we have about 50 group members (dancers, musicians and singers) who are 18-60 years old.
Nowadays has grown interest for dances and plays of our little islands Muhu and Kihnu, danced among other dances. You can see whirlpools of flying skirts and legs, or gently kept dignified wedding dances. Our grandparents have danced them in past. We keep today this flame in our harts and minds. Folklorists enjoy dancing and playing together with people from audience. There have always been happy moments of consolidation for everyone.
PÄÄSUKE had taken part in international festivals in Estonia, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Turkey and Portugal. Group has many good friends between dancers and musicians in Estonia and far-away. New friends are welcomed to visit annual Hansa days in Tallinn's city and authentic folklore festivals in counties, where PÄÄSUKE group usually takes a part. Estonian folklore festivals in counties become more popular during every summer.