Folk dance group “Kuljus”
The folkdance group was established in 1949 by the former Tallinn`s Polytechnical Institute Faculty of economics young dancing hobbyists. Salme Valgemäe became the first instructor. The name “Kuljus” was introduced in 1962 when Salme and Ott Valgemäe created a dance by the same name.
The previous season we celebrated our 60th year of activity. In relation of this event several concerts were held in different cities of Estonia. The season culminated with a grand birthday concert at the end of October in 2009 in the newest entertainment centre of Solaris Centre`s Nokia Concert Hall in Tallinn.
Kuljus` and its artistic director`s work has been rated very highly over the years and has earned a number of awards and prizes. Kuljus has always taken part in National Dance Festival and participated in all kinds of dance contest and events. From Autumn of 2001 the artistic leader of the group is Marina Kuznetsova, and the artistic director`s assistants are Ülo Luht and Märt Agu. In total, Kuljus has six groups - the representative group, the older group, the middle group, the younger group and two alumnusgroups.
Kuljus` dance elements have always been common to the Estonian nation - dignified and genuine. Kuljus seeks the mastery of Estonian dances` naturalness and pureness, also the stylish presentation of other nation`s creations. It is important not only show the external form, but also the content of the dance.