The Folkdance group “Hermes” was born in September 1980 in Tartu. The group had four teachers over its more than twenty eight years history. Nowadays its lead
by Lea Hanni. About 80 women have danced in the group over the period of activity. We have people of different fields: specialists of commerce and finances, of medical care and nursery, librarians, research scientists, teachers, etc. Age of the active members is between 27 and 53.
“Hermes” has performed in all countrywide and local song and dance festivals, in numerous Midsummer celebrations and in many fair events. During the last years we also participated in dance contests ( the Dances by M. Orav, etc.). We paerticipated in the Europeade festivals in Riga (2004), in Zamorra (2006) and in a dance festival in Hungary in 2008.
Thanks to the support of our families, the dance group can meet for exercise twice per week and also for performances. The group is compact and sociable, former members of the group are often attending our meetings and celebrations. Our motto is: our fellowship is small but beloved. The question why we answer – for long-living of the Estonian folk dance and for healthiness!